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We Are Soulpod

We are 100% Plant-Based and Organic-First

Organic fresh produce is always our first choice when available. We source all our organic, spray free, herbicide free and local fresh produce directly from our wonderful organic suppliers and neighbours Eastfield Organics and Wholefood Merchants .

We don’t charge surcharges & have no limits on split bills. Yes we do fry, but only in Rice Bran Oil and we finish with Organic Olive Oil.



TLRT (pronounced tolerate), enables those with food allergies, intolerances and lifestyle choices to input their preferences, and then harnessing the knowledge of a dietitian are able to view personalised menus, just by simply using your camera and scanning the QR code on the menu. TLRT is like dining out with a dietitian in your pocket, and is partnering with accessible venues offering a wide range of options for all!

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We Are Fully Licensed

Coming Soon

our exciting 2nd Soulpod café in the Eastern Suburbs


Zeally Bay Sourdough

Silvan King Oyster Mushrooms

Demeter Biodynamic

Rabbit Run Orphanage Rescue

Compassionate Kitchen

Strada Gluten Free Bakery

Rawlove Superfoods

The Vegan Dairy


Raw Materials

Spiral Foods

Melba Organic Coffee

MORK Hot Chocolate

Calmer Sutra

Feel Good Foods

Sweet Nectar


8am till 3pm 7 days (kitchen closes at 2:30pm)