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Corporate Food Allergy Training

With food intolerances and allergies on the rise, it’s vital for those working with and around food to properly understand the best methods of avoiding contamination and assisting chefs in creating specifically tailored menu options.

Within this 1 or 2-hour training session, we can train both front and back of house staff of restaurants, cafes and catering companies to better understand food allergies and how they can be attended to. Through close consultation, we can educate chefs on allergies and intolerances, and help develop a menu that caters to these requirements and runs alongside your current dishes. We also offer seasonal reviews, so your menu can always be kept fresh, seasonal and up-to-date, due to the ever-changing nature of dietary requirements.

With their wealth of knowledge, Empirical Nutrition ensures that your new menus won’t cut into your businesses costs or create extra labour for staff. Through a simple, nutritious approach, we are able to assist your chef in adapting your menu to perfectly caters for your clients and your business.