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At Empirical Nutrition, we take a holistic approach to food and diet, believing that food really is medicine. Whether you’re suffering from diagnosed food allergies or intolerances, looking to improve your overall nutrition or want to transition to a vegetarian diet or vegan way of eating, we make your health our priority.

Founded on more than 25 years of industry experience, we are committed to helping each of our clients regain control of their health and wellbeing with our tailored online nutrition plans. Through close consultation vegan nutritionists, we assess your individual dietary needs and create a tailored plan that best suits your health history, allergies, intolerances, lifestyle, goals and environment.

Our holistic,plant-based vegan and vegetarian meal plans promote the very best in health and wellbeing, allowing you to heal your body from the inside out. We are passionate about helping you build a positive relationship with food, connecting with your body and giving you the knowledge and resources to fuel and nourish yourself for years to come.

At Empirical Nutrition, we offer a wide range of personalised services, including:

  • Tailored one-on-one consultations with our online nutritionist, who provides plant-based meal plans for those looking to improve their overall health and nutrition.
  • Consultations and structured plant-based meal plans for those wanting to relieve the discomfort of food allergies or intolerances.
  • Further education on approaches to healthy eating, including vegetarian and vegan recipes and pantry essentials.
  • Corporate food and allergy training for those working within the hospitality field.

Through building close and trusting relationships, our online vegan nutritionists offer the very best in tailored, practical advice and professional support that will have you feeling your best.

We also have a beautiful online shop, filled with vegan, organic and fair-trade goods, including clothing, vegan supplements and products designed to help you embrace a healthier way of life.

For more information on our services or to book a consultation, contact us today at or contact via the website.

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